Comment on 2017 Budget

Commenting on today’s Budget, Dr Jonathan Marshall, energy analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), said:

“Despite warm words from the dispatch box, Philip Hammond has failed to deliver on low carbon energy. Keeping the carbon price floor unchanged was the bare minimum expected before the Budget, and does not make up for the hat-trick of freezing new low-carbon support, throwing North Sea oil and gas another lifeline, and shying away from fuel duty changes that would both encourage lower-carbon transport and tackle the air pollution crisis.

“Failing to consider measures to cut energy waste in new houses could also be costly, adding hundreds of pounds to energy bills of those affected and making it more difficult to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels for heating and powering our homes. All in all, it suggests that the recognition that green growth is good for UK Plc, clearly on display with the launch of the Clean Growth Strategy, has failed to permeate through to the Treasury – surely a missed opportunity as the Government looks to make the country fit for the future post-Brexit.”


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