Comment on consumer-funded energy policies

Commenting on a report by the Public Accounts Committee on consumer-funded energy policies, including the Levy Control Framework, Dr Jonathan Marshall, energy analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

“This report is the latest instance of clumsy policy turning a UK success story into negative news. We should be taking pride in the leaps and bounds made by renewable energy in the UK – from consuming power generated by the world’s largest offshore wind farm, to supporting projects around the world with legal and financial expertise. However, an inability to adapt and keep up with the pace of change in low-carbon technology, sub-par forecasting and incessant policy changes are having an unwelcome effect on customer bills.

“As with grids around the world, the UK’s electricity system is evolving to become smarter and more flexible, with the pace of change becoming increasingly impressive. As new technology replaces old and storage, demand response and grid interconnection become more widespread, the UK can expect to save up to £8 billion per year. Further, given the headstart we have on many other developed nations, the global transition to smarter power networks offers tremendous export opportunities, vital as we look to cement our new place in the world.”