Comment on Ofgem decision on Embedded Generators

Commenting on Ofgem’s decision to change electricity transmission charging arrangements for Embedded Generators, Dr Jonathan Marshall, energy analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), said:

"This backwards step from Ofgem will directly hit small and flexible power stations, exactly the sort needed in the UK to keep the grid balanced and ticking over as we generate more and more power from renewable sources. Rather than looking to the future where the electricity system is decentralised, democratised and decarbonised, this ruling will play into the hands of the Bix Six, who have long been lobbying against progressive changes.

“By turning its back on the power system of the future, Ofgem’s decision is likely to add to energy bills and could force planned projects to be cancelled – undoing technological progress from recent years that has kept the lights on and ensured costs stay low. As the rest of the world moves away from large, centralised power stations, this decision will see us lose ground on rival nations, with ramifications spreading through the whole economy."