Government survey shows support for low-carbon energy

Commenting on the latest Government survey on public attitudes towards energy and climate change, Dr Jonathan Marshall, energy analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said that the findings showed that people are ‘overwhelmingly supportive’ of renewable energy and action to tackle climate change. 


A majority of British people are supportive of renewable sources of energy. Image: National Grid, creative commons licence

“This survey shows, once again, the that the British public is overwhelmingly supportive of action to tackle climate change. Levels of concern remain high at times when we are increasingly seeing the effect we are having on our planet, both at home and overseas,” he said.

“The findings also confirm the long-term backing for renewable energy generation within the UK public, with just 1% strongly opposed, even in the face of attempts to roll-back green energy seen across the Atlantic. This survey backs results seen in similar polls, that showed around 80% of the populace in support of subsidies to boost low-carbon generation and cut waste through energy efficiency. 

“Despite the Government promising action on energy bills, the levels of concern are largely unchanged over the past two years, contrary to rising support for the development of low-carbon electricity generation, which is seen as a higher priority within society.

“As such, moves by the next Government to continue backing wind and solar power in the UK would clearly be in line with public sentiment, offering a prime opportunity to ensure that a steady source of low-carbon power is at the centre of the soon-to-be-revealed industrial strategy”