Comment on CCC report on Clean Growth Strategy

Commenting on the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) report on the UK Clean Growth Strategy, Michael Grubb, Professor of International Energy and Climate Change Policy at UCL, said: 

Clean Growth Strategy Beis

Image: BEIS

“There has been a three-year hiatus in decision making on new policies to deliver our carbon goals, and the Clean Growth Strategy must mark a new phase.

“There are plenty of good ideas out there on low-carbon energy, cutting emissions from buildings, clean transport and more, but as the Committee rightly points out, concrete plans need to be put in place, and soon.

“The Government is making all the right noises on support for the low-carbon economy, but these must be turned into action: we need a year of decision-making.”

Richard Black, director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), agreed on the need to implement new policies quickly:

“Despite rapid progress on phasing out coal-fired generation, we’re not currently on track to meet emission goals that kick in in just five years’ time. That leaves ministers little time for inquiries and reviews and consultations – they’re going to have to put new policies in place fast,” he said.

“Fortunately, there’s no shortage of good ideas. Three easy wins that I’d highlight would be cutting company car tax for electric vehicles, repealing the ban on onshore wind power which is the cheapest form of electricity generation, and re-booting Zero Carbon Homes. All of those could be done inside six months, if ministers get on with it.”