Reasons to be cheerful: leadership in action

A collection of examples from around the world of genuine leadership on climate action.

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What is this report?

This short report draws together examples from around the world of genuine leadership on climate action. These are case studies in which emissions are being cut and removed from the atmosphere, promises are being kept, nature is being restored and protected, technology is being developed and deployed at pace, and resilience is being built – every development helping steer the world towards a safer, more sustainable future.

Showing the way: where the UK led with the world’s first climate law, putting emissions targets into legislation to bind future governments, others have followed; and where major companies transform their business model to reduce their impact, they set the pace for their competitors.

Building industries & moving markets: when a global market the size of China fuels the electric vehicle industry, that makes it easier and cheaper for others to follow; setting an end date for oil and gas production, as Costa Rica and Denmark have done, starts to drivefi nancing decisions and determine the long-term viability of fossil fuels versus clean, renewable – often now cheaper – technologies.

Supporting people: Helping people and communities transition fairly out of fossil fuel industries and into sustainable, clean future alternatives shows how political leaders and company bosses can take people with them.

Restoring nature: Chile and Costa Rica show the way on expanding natural systems to store carbon and restore space for wildlife, whilst Suriname shows how natural systems can also be allies against the impacts of the climate crisis.

Building resilience: how nations like Bangladesh, vulnerable to devastating climate impacts, have introduced early warning systems fit for the communities and businesses that depend on them, showing others how they can protect lives and livelihoods from the climate crisis.