UK set for possible record-breaking heatwave

23/7/2019 - Sky News

Chance that the UK could see its hottest-ever July day this week, forecasters say.

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'Restore UK bogs' to tackle climate change

22/7/2019 - BBC News

Restoring peat moors may prove relatively inexpensive way of tackling climate change, report shows.

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New funding model mooted for nuclear plants

22/7/2019 - Financial Times

Consumers face financial burden of future projects even before they are built.

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UK supporting fossil fuels despite climate promises

23/7/2019 - Press Association

Campaigners say Government still backing fossil fuel projects overseas despite pledging to be leader on climate change.

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BHP to set targets for reducing customers’ carbon emissions

23/7/2019 - Financial Times

World’s largest mining group plans to link executive pay more closely to environmental goals.

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Guterres asks all countries to plan for carbon neutrality

22/7/2019 - Climate Home

UN chief António Guterres calls on heads of state to set out plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Second-hand electric cars ‘twice as expensive’

23/7/2019 - The Times

Cost of second-hand electric cars soars because of shortage of new models being sold in UK, research suggests.

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Go-ahead given to Heathrow challenge

22/7/2019 - Evening Standard

Anti-expansion campaigners given go-ahead to challenge High Court ruling over plans for third runway.

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Firefighters struggle against Portugal wildfires

22/7/2019 - AFP

Climate change factor in making wildfires worse.

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Iceland to mark first glacier lost to climate change

22/7/2019 - Reuters/Mail Online

Icelandic glacier called Ok disappeared in 2014 due to increasing temperatures.

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