Antarctica records unprecedented heatwave

31/03/2020 - Guardian

Antarctica’s weather has worldwide impacts and can be a ‘canary in the mine’ for patterns of change elsewhere

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Barclays sets 2050 net zero target after investor pressure

30/03/2020 - Guardian

Bank pledges to align all of its financing activities with goals of Paris climate agreement

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Public health plea: cigarette-style warnings on fuel pumps

31/03/2020 - The Times

Pumps should carry images of blackened lungs and flooded homes in warnings about damage caused by climate change

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Fiddler's Ferry Power Station closes after almost 50 years

31/03/2020 - Warrington Guardian via Press Association

SSE said the closure comes five years ahead of the UK Government's target to end coal-fired electricity generation

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Shell drops out of major U.S. LNG project

31/03/2020 - Reuters

Decision follows recent crash in energy prices and is followed by its partner delaying decision to 2021

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Saudi raises oil exports to record levels as price war rages

30/03/2020 - France 24

Saudi said it will raise oil exports to record 10.6 million barrels/day from May, escalating a price war with Russia

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New gas mileage rule to roll back Obama-era climate policy

30/03/2020 - New York Times

Relaxation of efforts to limit tailpipe pollution, virtually undoing government’s biggest effort combat climate change

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