Germany to back EU-wide target for net zero emissions

16/6/2019 - Financial Times

Support for going carbon-neutral by 2050 strengthens Europe’s climate leadership credentials.

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18 EU countries support 2050 carbon neutrality goal

17/6/2019 - Euractiv

Growing support increases chances that deal will be struck at an EU summit later this week.

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Pope Francis declares 'climate emergency' and urges action

14/6/2019 - The Guardian

Addressing energy leaders, pope warns of ‘catastrophic’ effects of global heating.

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World’s top 500 companies set to miss Paris climate goals

17/6/2019 - Financial Times

FT analysis of Carbon Delta data shows only 15% of groups are in line with the accord.

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Global firms accused of concealing environmental impact

16/6/2019 - The Guardian

Over 700 companies, including Amazon, Tesco and ExxonMobil, lack transparency, campaign group claims.

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Aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes

15/6/2019 - The Gurdian

Shift from fossil fuels top of agenda for Paris air show this week.

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Extinction Rebellion postpones Heathrow disruption plans

16/6/2019 - The Independent

Campaign group still vows to use drones to close airport for minimum of 16 days.

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More fracking ‘will set bad example’

17/6/2019 - The Times

Tory leadership contenders disagree over energy plans.

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Thousands abandon drought-hit Indian villages

17/6/2019 - The Times

Tens of thousands of people flee drought-stricken villages as record-breaking heatwave drags on.

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Argentina and Uruguay reel after massive power outage

17/6/2019 - BBC News

Massive electrical failure left tens of millions of people in the dark.

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