Merkel calls for EU-wide climate neutrality by 2050

22/8/2019 - Associated Press

German Chancellor makes call after she and members of her “climate Cabinet” met their Dutch counterparts

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Bolsonaro trying to devastate rainforest - leaked documents

23/8/2019 - The Independent

Brazilian government to build bridge and motorway in jungle to “fight off international pressure” to protect rainforest

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Amazon fires "an international crisis" - Macron

23/8/2019 - AFP

French President speaks out: "The Amazon, the lung of our planet which produces 20 percent of our oxygen is burning"

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Brazilian wildfires are 'crime against humanity'

23/8/2019 - Reuters

Former Brazilian environment minister calls wildfires raging in Amazon a “crime against humanity”

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Rising temperatures make Hajj pilgrimages to Mecca dangerous

22/8/2019 - Sky News

British Muslims urged to take lead on climate fight as study shows rising temperatures make Mecca pilgrimage dangerous

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Call to abandon coastal towns before sea claims them

23/8/2019 - The Times

Governments should prepare for “managed retreat” from coasts as sea levels rise because of climate change - scientists

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Four times as many cheap energy deals as before price cap

22/8/2019 - Daily Telegraph

17 tariffs on market where typical consumer would pay less than £1,000 a year says supplier Octopus Energy

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Hampshire rail line world's first powered by solar farm

23/8/2019 - The Guardian

The world’s first solar farm to power a railway line directly is due to plug into the track near Aldershot

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