Climate & nature crises: solve both or solve neither

10/06/2021 - The Guardian

Restoring nature boosts biodiversity & ecosystems that can rapidly & cheaply absorb carbon emissions.

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Keystone XL pipeline cancelled after Biden scraps US permit

10/06/2021 - Financial Times

Victory for environmentalists comes as groups step up campaigns against other oil projects.

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G7 leaders to pledge 1bn vaccine doses for poorer countries

11/06/2021 - Financial Times

Initiative to be unveiled at Cornwall summit to address criticism wealthy nations have taken bulk of supplies.

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‘Global Britain,’ Johnson attacked for cutting foreign aid

10/06/2021 - New York Times

As UK urges global co-operation from G7 leaders on climate & vaccines, PM faces criticism for cutting foreign aid.

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How the climate crisis threatens the Tokyo Olympics

11/06/2021 - The Independent

Fainting, pollution & heat stroke - nearly every event will be affected in a city already experiencing acute heating.

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Deadly avalanche could be ‘precursor’ to more climate havoc

11/06/2021 - The Independent

Study highlights risks to life in Himalayas due to climate crisis & more development projects in fragile environment.

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Carbon-guzzling kelp forest to be restored on seabed

11/06/2021 - The Telegraph

Two councils are in negotiations with Crown Estate to bring back 100 miles of undersea 'forest' to aid carbon capture.

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Rivers may be drought hotspots

11/06/2021 - The Times

Some Scottish rivers could become water scarcity hotspots, say researchers studying climate impacts on abstraction.

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Britons do not fight global warming because they feel alone

10/06/2021 - Daily Express

Just under half of Britons don't believe they can tackle climate change alone because they don't feel part of a group.

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Poland faces first citizen lawsuits over climate change

10/06/2021 - Reuters

Five take government to court over coal-reliant country's alleged failure to protect them from climate change.

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