Today’s children ‘will face twice as many droughts’

26/09/2021 - The Sunday Times

Study shows those born during last year will endure 7x extreme heatwaves and more than 2x droughts as grandparents.

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Climate change threat to progress in beating malaria

27/09/2021 - The Financial Times

Progress could be reversed as even parts of Europe could move into the ‘sweet spot’ for mosquito-borne diseases.

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Tories accused of worsening bill crisis

26/09/2021 - The Independent

Green Homes Grant voucher scheme scrapped well short of target and replaced with direct grants to councils.

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Vanuatu to seek international court opinion on climate right

26/09/2021 - The Guardian

The Pacific island nation wants clarity on the legal responsibilities owed to its people related to climate change.

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Ministers seek to end Chinese interests in UK nuclear plants

27/09/2021 - The Times

End to Chinese involvement in British nuclear power plants comes after pressure from America and tensions with Beijing.

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UK cuts climate aid by £100m

25/09/2021 - iNews

The UK will also halve funding to countries most exposed to global warming despite a promise from the PM.

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Airbus gears up for hydrogen jet

26/09/2021 - The Financial Times

Aerospace group confident it can deliver a plane powered by gas by 2035, but warns state and regulatory support needed.

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Climate change ahoy on Northabout yacht’s new mission

27/09/2021 - The Times

Irish yacht that circumnavigated the North Pole will be part of international project to highlight climate breakdown.

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