Value of world’s largest coal mine slashed by $1.4bn

05/08/2020 - Financial Times

Peabody writedown reflects electricity makers’ shift towards natural gas and wind

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Offshore energy can underpin zero target

06/08/2020 - The Times

The sector could underpin 60% of the emissions reductions needed to hit the UK’s 2050 net zero target, a report suggests

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China tensions raise doubts over UK nuclear projects

06/08/2020 - Financial Times

After Huawei’s ban, rebel Tory MPs turn their sights on CGN and its plans to build a new plant

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Japan's climate change efforts hindered by biased lobby

05/08/2020 - Reuters

The influence of the country's fossil fuel sectors undermines Japan's attempts to meet climate commitments, study finds

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11m UK households in line for £100 savings on energy bills

06/08/2020 - The Guardian

Ofgem expected to make sharp cut to cap on tariffs following record low prices during crisis

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Diseases from wildlife thrive when nature is destroyed

05/08/2020 - The Guardian

Rats and bats that host pandemic pathogens like Covid-19 increase in damaged ecosystems, analysis shows

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Road to Glasgow

Road to Glasgow

The most important UN climate summit since Paris. Read more

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