Climate change: PM aims for world-leading UK emissions cuts

03/12/2020 - BBC News

PM's NDC goal will be to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 68% by the end of the decade, based on 1990 levels.

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NAO: Radical reassessment needed to hit net zero by 2050

04/12/2020 - the Guardian

Watchdog finds UK is projected to fail to meet targets aimed at achieving climate goal.

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Crown Estate aims for net zero emissions by 2030

04/12/2020 - the Times

Company says this involves reducing carbon from existing and new properties, and procuring 100% renewable energy.

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Half of cars must be electric by 2030 to reach climate goals

04/12/2020 - the Telegraph

EVs will need to make up 46% of fleet by 2030 to meet net zero in 2050, say Government's climate change advisers.

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Denmark to end all new North Sea oil and gas exploration

04/12/2020 - Financial Times

EU’s largest producer phases out fossil fuel extraction in push for climate leadership, hoping to urge others to act.

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Researchers warn Greenland ice reaching ‘critical point'

03/12/2020 - Daily Express

Climate change scientists warn irreversible sea-level rise will result if Greenland's ice sheet continues to melt.

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Teaching climate crisis in classrooms critical for children

03/12/2020 - the Guardian

Two US former education secretaries urge President-elect to bring in routine lessons on the threats from global heating.

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Atlas reveals birds pushed further north amid climate crisis

03/12/2020 - the Guardian

Europe’s breeding bird populations shifted 1km north every year for the past 30 years, likely driven by climate change.

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