Bolstering the UK’s energy security – getting off gas

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Ahead of an energy security strategy due to published soon by the Government, this briefing will look at what other policy options are available, including measures to improve energy efficiency, invest in energy storage, and reduce energy demand.

Our panel

  • Alastair Martin, Chief Strategy Officer and founder, Flexitricity
  • Caroline Bragg, Director of Policy and Research, The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE)
  • Clementine Cowton, Director of External Affairs at Octopus Energy
  • Julian Jansen, Growth & Market Development Director (EMEA), Fluence
  • Jess Ralston, Analyst, ECIU
  • Sepi Golzari-Munro, Deputy Director, ECIU [Chair].


At the end of 2021, global gas prices increased sharply due to supply concerns from Russia and soaring global demand. The war in Ukraine has further exacerbated the energy crisis faced by the UK and other countries, notably in mainland Europe. It has promoted rapid and wide-ranging responses, as countries look to reduce their reliance on volatile fossil fuels, including supplies from Russia.

In the UK, ministers have signaled intentions of bolstering supplies of domestic energy, by increasing North Sea oil and gas production, stimulating a faster rollout of renewable energy, and investing in new nuclear capacity.

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