Net Zero Strategy: Media briefing

Zoom webinar




11-12 BST, Thursday 21st October 2021


Webinar - to attend please email


  • Jill Rutter, Senior Fellow, Institute for Government
  • Alyssa Gilbert, Director of Policy and Translation, Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London
  • Paul Massara, Chair, NED and Member of the Fuel Poverty Committee, BEIS
  • Phil MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer, Ember; ECIU (Chair).


The Government has published its Net Zero Strategy this week, alongside the Heat and Buildings Strategy and the Treasury Net Zero Review, the final parts of the UK’s roadmap to the 2050 target are set to be in place.

The plans come at a critical time, just days ahead of the UK-hosted COP26 climate summit, at which they are expected to be set out as the UK’s Long Term Strategy for meeting the Paris Agreement targets.

They are also published as the UK and other nations face a challenging winter as a natural gas supply crunch drives up energy prices, putting pressure on domestic and industrial energy users.

This briefing will:

  • Take an overview of the Government’s net zero strategies, and consider their effectiveness as a plan for reaching the UK’s 2050 target
  • Address what the strategies mean for the UK Presidency of COP26 and whether they are likely to spur other states to greater ambition
  • Discuss the implications of the energy crisis for the Government’s net zero plans, and what short- and longer-term options there are to address the crisis.