Renewables: how far can we go?

To what extent can Britain power itself with renewable electricity?

The UK’s current pathway to its 2050 climate change target involves ‘virtually decarbonising’ the power system by 2030. Scenarios usually envisage deploying a mix of renewables, nuclear and carbon capture and storage (CCS). But with new nuclear and CCS in doubt, the question arises: if necessary, can renewables alone take the UK to ‘virtual decarbonisation’? If so, what other components would the power system need – and how much might it all cost? And if 100% renewables is not possible for the UK, why not, given that other countries are heading down this pathway?

Wednesday 15th July, 6.45pm

William Sangster Room, Central Hall Westminster, Storeys Gate, London SW1H 9NH


Jo Coleman, Strategy Director, Energy Technologies Institute

Malte Jansen, Research Associate, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology

Alex Kazaglis, Head of Power Sector, Committee on Climate Change

Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy, University of Exeter

Chaired by Richard Black, Director, Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

The evening will consist of presentations from the panelists followed by a question and answer session, concluding with a drinks reception.

Doors open: 6.45pm

Event begins: 7.00pm

Drinks reception: 8.30pm

Close: 9.00pm

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