Comment on BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker

Government polling shows rising concern about climate change

By George Smeeton

Commenting on the BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker published today, Richard Black, Director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

“It’s really striking that this polling shows that not only has people’s concern about climate change grown during the Covid pandemic, awareness of the UK’s net zero target has also grown. It suggests that the pandemic has actually heightened people’s desire for action to address the great global challenge of climate change that will remain even after the Covid crisis has passed.

“This sets the stage nicely for Boris Johnson’s upcoming 10-point climate plan; the polling and other findings such as the recommendations of the recent UK-wide citizens’ assembly on climate change show clearly that people want action and Government leadership on climate change. Delivering now would therefore not only be a domestic win for the Government, it would also show that we are getting on track to net zero and providing leadership ahead of next year’s critically important UN climate summit which the UK will host in Glasgow.”