Comment on Chancellor’s economic statement

ECIU Director Richard Black comments on Rishi Sunak's economic recovery statement

By George Smeeton

Commenting on the Chancellor’s economic statement, Richard Black, Director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said: “In addition to the £3bn already announced to help people make their homes warmer, today’s announcement opens up another potential avenue through which the UK could start making its energy use less wasteful, by providing employers incentives for job creation and retention.

“With construction being the sector most dependent on furlough funding and yet house-building plans likely to be stymied by uncertainties about the market, insulation is one of those sectors ripe for stepping up activity quickly and easily using the funding on the table.

“Having made repeated statements about the need for a ‘green’ recovery, there are many aspects that this week’s announcements haven’t covered, such as renewable energy and electric vehicles. The presumption must be that the Chancellor sees these as offering less immediate opportunity for job creation than warm homes, and will address them thoroughly in his Autumn Budget.”