Comment on low carbon heat consultation

ECIU's Analyst Jess Ralston comments on the Government's low carbon heat consultation.

By Kathy Grenville

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Commenting on a consultation published by the Government today on future support for low carbon heat [1] Jess Ralston, Analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

“Facing up to the trickier aspects of getting on track for the UK’s climate targets is vital if the Government is to get net zero done. Grants to help with up-front costs of installing heat pumps will offer more certainty than schemes that repaid costs over years, while re-committing to energy efficiency spending is the minimum needed to make good on promises to cut carbon from British homes.

“Policies to both tackle climate change and promote clean growth are increasingly being touted as a means of re-starting the UK’s economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. On offer are thousands of high-skilled, secure jobs up and down the country, an excellent return on state investment and the opportunity to boost the quality of life of families blighted by cold homes. It is easy to see why the Government is increasingly making noise about placing sustainability and decarbonising housing at the centre of a post-crisis recovery package.”


Notes to editors:

  1. Future support for low carbon heat: