ECIU says farewell to two Advisory Board members

Lord Oxburgh and Sir Crispin Tickell step down from board after five years

By Richard Black

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Today we say farewell to two of our Advisory Board members, Lord (Ron) Oxburgh and Sir Crispin Tickell. Both have been with us since our foundation in 2014.

Sir Crispin Tickell (L) and Lord Oxburgh (R)
Sir Crispin Tickell (L) and Lord Oxburgh (R)

Ron Oxburgh had a long and distinguished career as a geologist with posts at many universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Cornell and Stanford. He has been an adviser to the UK government, chair of Shell, and led one of the inquiries into the 2009 theft of climate change emails from the University of East Anglia.

Sir Crispin Tickell is a former diplomat who served as UK Ambassador to a number of countries including Mexico and France, and to the United Nations. He is a past president of the Royal Geographical Society and Marine Biological Association, and advised a number of UK Prime Ministers including Margaret Thatcher.

ECIU Director Richard Black said: 'It has been an honour and a privilege to work with Lord Oxburgh and Sir Crispin over the last five years.

'Both have made major contributions to the UK through their work in energy and climate change - notably, Lord Oxburgh through his work on carbon capture and storage and in guiding one of the inquiries that cleared climate science of the charges against its integrity, and Sir Crispin through his seminal work with government during the Thatcher and Major premierships and as an educator since.

'ECIU has benefited enormously from their insights and advice, and we thank them.'