Comment on CCC progress reports 2021

Jess Ralston comments on reports from Climate Change Committee finding government too slow in delivering action

By Kathy Grenville

Information on this page correct as of:

Commenting on new progress reports from the Climate Change Committee (CCC) finding that the Government has been too slow with its delivery of climate commitments making it harder for the UK to get on track and jeopardising the UK’s climate credentials and position as host of COP26, Jess Ralston, Analyst at Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

“There is no hiding that the government is talking the talk but not walking the walk on climate action. Top level strategies are essential, but without plans and policies, emissions will simply not fall. Luckily though, the ball is still in our court.

“There are now significant opportunities for the PM and Treasury to serve an ace, and to do so before COP26 in November. Of the utmost importance are Rishi Sunak delivering a Treasury-wide plan on how reaching net zero can transform run-down local economies and build UK-based green industries with huge export potential as well as jobs; actions to cut emissions from our homes that include bringing the cost of a heat pump down to that of a gas boiler; and frameworks to mobilise billions of private investment in our power system to provide unrivalled amounts of clean energy.

“Time is running out to make this future a reality. Other nations are steaming ahead on clean transport, industry, hydrogen and homes. More dither and delay risks global Britain, a trailblazer on setting targets, becoming a laggard on locking in industries of the future.”