Comment on climate policy implications of new US Administration

Implications of incoming Administration for global action on climate change are 'wide-ranging and potentially transformative'

By George Smeeton

Information on this page correct as of:

Commenting on reports that Joe Biden’s presidency is set to immediately pursue ambitious action on climate change, including by rejoining the Paris Agreement, Richard Black, Senior Associate at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), said: “After recent years of US absence from the global climate process, the implications of the incoming Administration for global action on climate change are wide-ranging and potentially transformative.

“As well as the headline moves such as rejoining the Paris Agreement and moving to commit the US to a 2050 net zero target, Mr Biden has drawn together an experienced team including many people who helped deliver the Paris Agreement back in 2015. A key test for the new Administration will be in how they leverage this experience to promote more global action on climate change, including by reengaging with China.

“For the UK, building relationships with the new US Administration will be critical. As hosts of COP26, the Government has a huge opportunity to work with a recommitted US, as well as with the EU and developing countries, to build the trust and momentum needed to deliver a successful summit in 2021.”

Additional comments from experts who spoke at a recent ECIU media briefing on the climate implications of a Biden presidency are available here. A recording of the briefing is available on request.