Comment on G7 Climate and Environment Ministers' Meeting

G7 environment ministers agree further action on climate change at ministerial meeting

By George Smeeton

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Commenting on the outcome of today’s G7 Climate and Environment Ministers' Meeting, Gareth Redmond-King, COP26 Communications and Engagement Lead at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said: “A critical part of keeping 1.5°C within reach after this November’s climate summit will be a rapidly accelerating global phase out of coal. For the world’s richest nations to unite in committing to end financing for coal is therefore a very significant step, and one that leaves China as its sole major global funder.

“All eyes turn to June’s G7 meetings now. It will be Rishi Sunak’s job to deliver on the promise on climate finance when he hosts a meeting of G7 finance ministers, and there will be an expectation that the remaining five G7 members who have not yet doubled their commitment should step up and do so. And then a week later, Boris Johnson will be expected to lead the G7 heads of government to affirm bold pledges on climate action to match delivery on finance.

“That would put the G7 in a strong position to demand more from other attending heads of government – most notably, perhaps, Scott Morrison of Australia, who has yet to signal real climate action or a net-zero commitment and who remains a supporter of coal. All of this should lay a strong foundation for the road to Glasgow and a successful CO26.”