Comment on new Climate Action Tracker end of century warming estimate

New CAT analysis reveals the impacts of new climate target announcements end of century warming estimates

By Kathy Grenville

Information on this page correct as of:

Commenting on new Climate Action Tracker analysis revealing that government announcements of new climate targets have brought down projected end of century warming by 0.2 degrees C [1], with the projected warming from Paris Agreement pledges now at 2.4°C, Richard Black, Senior Associate at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

“This is the first time that a projection of global warming from nations’ pledges has brought any globally-agreed temperature goal within touching distance.

“It’s the old goal of 2°C, it relies on nations delivering on all of their short- and long-term targets, and still only gives us a 50% chance of success – but nevertheless, it’s a confidence-boosting sign of the acceleration we’re seeing in plans to cut emissions.

“For the Glasgow summit, its real significance is to turn more of the focus onto implementation. We still need stronger commitments from many countries to cut emissions faster. But this shows governments that if they act now to commit the policy and investment needed to deliver what they’ve pledged, then the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5°C is within reach.”