Comment on UNFCCC NDC synthesis report

UNFCCC has crunched numbers from the latest pledges under the Paris Agreement, ahead of COP27

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By Gareth Redmond-King

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Commenting on the UNFCCC’s latest synthesis of nationally-determined contributions [1], published just ahead of the next UN Climate Summit – COP27 – in Egypt, Gareth Redmond-King, International Lead at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

“Despite these global targets being too little, too slow, to get the 1.5° Paris limit off life support, they’re actually falling behind the reality on the ground – particularly for the biggest emitters. Vladimir Putin has been a drag on international climate efforts for years, but ironically, by cutting off gas supplies and sending prices spiralling, he’s caused the European Union and others to run harder and faster towards net zero than is reflected in their emissions pledges.”


Notes to editors:

  1. The 2022 UNFCCC NDC synthesis report was published on 26th October:
  2. Although the EU has not submitted an updated NDC ahead of the 21st September deadline, documents seen recently by Reuters suggested that they may submit an updated pledge at or after COP27.
  3. Neither the US nor China have submitted updated NDCs ahead of COP27 but both are making huge investments in renewables and the clean transition more broadly. The US has committed $500bn via recent legislation which Congress has passed. China is building new renewables just this year, at rates that outstrip the rest of the world for the past few years. More here.
  4. COP27 UN climate summit opens in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt on 6th November, 2022.

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