COP27: Comment on Biodiversity Day

Matt Williams is available for interview or further comment.

By Tricia Curmi

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Commenting on Biodiversity Day at COP27, which focuses on nature and reducing the impacts of climate change and pollution [1], Matt Williams, Climate and Land Programme Lead at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

"With the UN's biodiversity summit around the corner in December there's no better time to pick up the pace on restoring nature. It has rarely been the subject of so many side events or major initiatives at a climate summit. But we’re waiting to see if COP27 will officially recognise the importance of the forthcoming nature conference in its closing text. And observers are waiting to hear whether world leaders who were in Egypt last week will attend the nature conference in Canada. That political stardust might give it the momentum to achieve an ambitious nature deal that will help achieve net zero.

"The UK Government is making nature a key part of net zero, including funding for woodlands and peatlands. This could unlock green economic growth - new jobs in the forestry sector, and millions in private finance for farmers who lock up carbon in hedgerows or soils. But the British countryside is still releasing carbon, not storing it. The Government may need to speed up delivery if it wants to achieve its nature and climate goals, especially of the new net zero farming system."

Notes to editors:

  1. 16 Nov is Biodiversity Day at COP27, focusing on nature and ecosystem-based solutions:

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George Smeeton, Head of Communications, ECIU, email: t: +44 (0)7894 571 153 [currently in Egypt for COP27 – please use WhatsApp for urgent calls, or send a text message]