Net Zero by 2050

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  • All Net Zero Tracker data will be updated to reflect an Oxford-ECIU analysis that is pending journal publication, the high-level results of which can be read here. Later in 2021, our Tracker will enjoy a major upgrade so we can track the quality as well as the quantity of net zero targets across countries, states and large companies. We’ll be partnering with Oxford Net Zero, the NewClimate Institute and Data-Driven EnviroLab to bring this to life. Please watch this space.

  • Only those cities with a net zero by 2050 target that have populations over 500,000 are displayed

  • Only those companies with a net zero by 2050 target that have annual revenues over $1 billion are displayed

  • Companies are mapped according to the location of their respective headquarters

  • If you have any questions or want to learn more about ECIU's Net Zero Tracker, please email John Lang

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