Comment: Government response to Future Homes Standard

Jess Ralston comments on the Government response to a consultation on the Future Homes Standard

By Kathy Grenville

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Commenting on the Government response to a consultation on the Future Homes Standard (1), Jess Ralston, Analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

“Backtracking on suggestions that these measures would be delivered two years earlier is bad news for England’s housing stock. There is little reason for the delay, with the result being more than half a million leaky houses that will be occupied by families facing higher bills than necessary.

“However, there are positive signs elsewhere. Backing heat pumps as the main clean source of heat is in line with expert recommendations, while removing much-criticised proposals to strip the ability of local councils to set higher standards will avoid a lessening of ambition in many cities.

“Moving away from polluting and unreliable gas boilers is essential if the Government is to make our homes net zero compatible. Starting with new houses is the lowest hanging fruit and should give the clean heat industry a leg up to begin climate proofing tens of millions of homes."

An earlier pledge to ban gas boilers from new homes by 2023 was withdrawn from the Prime Minister’s climate plan last year [2]. Further background on the Future Homes Standard is available here.


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