Comment on Government’s National Adaptation Programme

The government’s National Adaptation Programme (NAP) is expected to be released this week.

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By George Smeeton

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Commenting on reports that the government’s National Adaptation Programme (NAP), expected to be released this week, is ‘very weak’ [1], Tom Lancaster, Head of Land, Food and Farming at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said: “The ferocity of last summer’s drought and extreme heat was clearly a missed wake up call for government.

“As temperature records tumble again across the world, climate change poses a clear and present danger to our food security, and we have already seen its impact in higher prices and more precarious supplies of key foods like tomatoes, potatoes and pasta.

“New policies like Defra’s environmental land management schemes could shield farmers from the worst impacts of climate change, by restoring soils, planting trees and creating wetlands. But they need to move faster if we are to keep up with the impacts of climate change now.”


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  1. New UK government plan to protect against climate heat ‘very weak’:

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