Comment on Jaguar Land Rover battery factory

Jaguar Land Rover-owner Tata has confirms plans to build its flagship electric car battery factory in the UK.

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By George Smeeton

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Commenting on the news that car maker Jaguar Land Rover will sign a deal to build a battery factory in the UK [1], Colin Walker, Head of Transport at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said: “80% of the cars built in the UK are exported. Over 70% of these go the EU, the US and China, all of whom are committed to making the move to electric vehicles. If the UK’s car industry doesn’t evolve to meet that demand, it could find itself losing over £13bn a year in export revenue by 2030.

“The construction of this battery factory is vital if the UK’s car industry is to move with the times, continue to employ tens of thousands of people, and generate billions in export income.

“And it’s what the public wants. 53% of those polled by the ECIU back the £500million package that the Government has offered to enable its construction in the UK, with only 27% opposing it.[2] After all, renewable energy and clean technology is the sector the public believes is most likely to create long-term growth for the UK economy .”


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  1. Jaguar Land Rover-owner to spend £4bn on UK battery factory:
  2. Poll: Brits back green investment, £28bn and Government battery factory support:

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