Comment on SMMT September 2023 New Car Registrations

Colin Walker is available for further comment and interview.

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By George Smeeton

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Responding to the SMMT’s new car registration data for September 2023 Colin Walker, Head of Transport at the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit, said:

“The share of the market held by pure petrol and diesel cars continues to shrink, as consumers continue to make the switch to electrified cars.

“42,000 EVs were sold in September, the second-highest number ever, but the rate of growth in EV sales has slowed. This can be explained by a significant fall in the number of Teslas sold, reflecting reports about the company’s difficulty in meeting its Q3 production targets.

“But this slowing down should also serve as a reminder of the importance of consumer confidence in making the transition to EVs. Recent U-turns by the Government on the petrol and diesel phase out dates are creating confusion, as do many of the inaccurate stories about the realities of EV ownership.

“The fact remains that EVs offer significant savings – a second hand Nissan Leaf can save its owner over £1200 a year in fuel costs alone compared to an equivalent petrol car. And drivers love them – with 90% saying they have no intention of going back to petrol or diesel.

“By introducing its ZEV mandate, the government can speed up the growth of the second hand market. And it can follow-up with its pledge in its Plan for Drivers to work with industry to tackle the myths that surround EVs. Both of these measures will help millions of UK drivers access the benefits and savings that come from EV ownership”.

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