Comment: Prime Minister’s climate pledges at COP28

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announces UK funding for climate projects at COP28.

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By George Smeeton

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Commenting on UK funding for climate projects being announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at COP28 today [1], Gareth Redmond-King, Head of International Programme at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said: “Developing nations will welcome hearing the UK talking the language of high ambition and action, much as they will welcome Rishi Sunak’s commitment to the principle that wealthy developed countries should contribute funds to help poorer nations to cope with loss and damage from worsening climate impacts.

“But as most of the money being announced at COP by the UK is within the existing £11.6bn commitment, then it is not new money being announced. And the PM must be aware that other nations have noticed recent announcements on oil and gas, coal mines and slowing of some net zero policies. They will want to hear that the UK is continuing to turn its words into real and urgent action to close the yawning gap between where the world is heading, and the 1.5° limit in the Paris Agreement.”


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  1. PM to call for ‘era of action’ at COP28 climate summit:

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