Comment: Redcar hydrogen trial cancelled

Jess Ralston is available for further comment and interview.

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By Patricia Curmi

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Commenting on the news that Ministers have decided not to proceed with the hydrogen trial in Redcar [1], Jess Ralston, analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said:

"It’s pretty clear that hydrogen will be a bit part player, if any role at all, in home heating in future. Everyone from Government ministers to the National Infrastructure Commission [2] accepts that, maybe less so the gas industry.

"A minister
[3] has already called out their campaign of misinformation against the main alternative which is heat pumps, but the reality is they work and are being installed in vast numbers in countries like France and the US. [4]

"Unless the UK makes the shift away from gas heating, as the North Sea inevitably declines, we’ll simply become more dependent on foreign gas imports and the price they come at. The last two years show why that’s not a good idea."