Blackpool South households gripped by fuel poverty: analysis

Ahead of the Blackpool South by-election, our analysis has found that it is one of the worst performing English constituencies on fuel poverty and insulation rates [1].

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In the constituency 38%, or over 15,000 households, are in fuel poverty, putting it the bottom 10% constituencies in the country. Around 3 in 4 (73%) homes are at EPC band D or below, the 9th highest levels in the country. EPCs, or Energy Performance Certificates rate the energy efficiency of homes, and the Government aims to ensure that as many homes as possible are EPC Band C by 2035.

In the private rented sector, nearly 10,000 households are at EPC band D or below. These households will pay around £29m more in bills by 2035 because of the minimum energy efficiency standards that were scrapped by the Government in September 2023. By 2050, this figure is set to rise to around £37m, or over £170 per household per year.

Commenting, Alasdair Johnstone from ECIU said: “Blackpool South is an area which has been particularly badly hit by the gas crisis. With many homes lacking decent insulation, people will have faced the choice of even higher bills or to not heat their home enough. Some people may well be looking to candidates in the byelection to reassure that they can help protect them from volatile gas prices and higher bills now and in the future.”

Insulation and energy efficiency is one of the potential growth sectors as the UK moves towards net zero emissions, which is necessary to stop climate change getting worse. Analysis by CBI Economics for ECIU [2] found that the net zero economy accounted for £45m GVA (gross value added) in the Blackpool South economy in 2023 and around 688 jobs. Overall, the analysis showed that the net zero economy contributed £74 billion in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy in 2022-23, with key ‘battleground’ seats in the upcoming general election three times more likely to be net zero economic ‘hotspots’.

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