Comment: fuel poverty numbers a ‘bitter pill’

Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics in England published.

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Commenting on Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics in England published today [1], Jess Ralston, Energy Analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said: "High gas prices pushed up energy bills in 2023 and are predicted to stay inflated for the foreseeable future, while the Government's energy efficiency schemes, focussed on those who most need help, have flatlined.

“It looks like the number of homes being insulated in 2023 will be the lowest for more than a decade, a bitter pill to swallow for those struggling. Until homes are insulated and energy bills are de-linked from gas prices, through moving away from gas boilers and gas power generation, there may not be much respite.

“Of course, moving away from gas also helps with our energy security, as gas will increasingly come from abroad as the North Sea declines, with or without new licenses."


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  1. Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics in England, 2024:

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