Comment on the appointment of the new Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero

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By Jess Ralston

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Commenting on the appointment of Ed Miliband to the role of Secretary of State of Climate Change and Net Zero, the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit's (ECIU) energy analyst Jess Ralston said,

"The gas crisis isn’t over with bills set to go up again ahead of winter, but plans to insulate more homes, build more renewables and upgrade the energy grid that connects them will help to stabilise people’s energy costs.

"Labour now has a mandate to drive forward its policies and planning reform to make this happen, which in turn will make the UK more energy independent. The North Sea is in ongoing decline, irrespective of new licences, so the shift from gas boilers to electric heat pumps running on British renewables is essential to avoid the UK becoming more dependent on foreign energy.

"Ed Miliband will now need to translate the vision into progress and the upcoming renewables auction is important for accelerating investment. Maximising the number of new wind farms secured at fixed prices will mean greater certainty for people’s bills in the future."


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