Comment: UK hits million EV milestone

Latest figures from Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show Britain’s millionth EV registered during January.

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Commenting on SMMT sales figures for electric vehicles for January [1], Colin Walker, Head of Transport at the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit, said: “Not only did January see the millionth EV sold in the UK, sales of EVs were more than a fifth higher in January 2024 than in January 2023

“But the UK could be accelerating faster. The Office for Budget Responsibility has suggested the Government’s flip flopping on petrol and diesel phase out dates could result in lower EV sales [2], while the head of Polestar has said the UK is doing less than any other country in Europe to encourage and support EV uptake [3].

“The Government’s Zero Emission Vehicle mandate will see more cars on British roads powered by electrons from British offshore windfarms, rather than oil from foreign powers. EVs can play a vital role in securing the UK’s energy independence. The question is should the Government be focusing its efforts on helping people get behind the wheel of an EV, rather than approving new North Sea oil licences that will do next to nothing to secure our energy independence?. More new EVs in turn boost the second hand EV market making cheaper travel more affordable and open to the 80% of car sales that are used.”


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