Scottish voter attitudes to net zero

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By Alasdair Johnstone


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Polling by Focaldata for the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) shows that voters in Scotland overwhelming support net zero.

Around three-quarters (73%) of Scots support the Scottish Government’s target of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emission by 2045, with only 20% opposing.

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It also shows that most support policies to get there. Just over three-quarters (76%) support more onshore wind, 83% support more offshore wind and 84% support more solar farms.

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Even areas considered more controversial, such as phasing out of gas boilers and encouraging take up of electric heat pumps, saw support of just over half (51%) and doing more to insulate homes and buildings saw the biggest support at 94%.

Domestic heat and buildings, transport and agriculture are all competencies of the Scottish Government.

In March this year the Climate Change Committee rebuked the Scottish Government for failure to update its climate plan and pointed to further slippage in climate policy which meant they did not believe the Scottish Government could meet its 2030 emissions reduction target

Polling conducted by Focaldata of 1010 adults in Scotland between 13th April – 15th April 202