COP26: Post-match analysis

What does the Glasgow Climate Pact mean for the world? What does it mean for the UK?

By Tricia Curmi

This webinar was held on Monday 15th November, to unpack agreements reached at the summit, what these mean for global climate policy and what needs to happen next at a global and UK level.


  • Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd, former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and UK lead at COP21;
  • Chris Stark, Chief Executive, The Climate Change Committee;
  • Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive, Energy UK;
  • Richard Black, Senior Associate at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit and former BBC Environment Correspondent;
  • Sepi Golzari-Munro (chair), Acting Director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit.

About the webinar

This year’s annual UN climate summit (COP26) was described as one of the last chances to limit global heating and keep the critical Paris Agreement goal of 1.5C within reach. But what happens now the negotiations in Glasgow are over? And what implications will the announcements and commitments made during the summit have for the UK?

The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit briefing looks at the following.

  • The successes and shortcomings of COP26.
  • An overview of what was agreed and committed to at the summit and assess the key opportunities and challenges ahead.
  • What needs to happen after the summit to get on track to achieving the Paris Agreement’s long-term goals.
  • The political implications for the UK Government in the wake of the summit and how it will deliver its decarbonisation objectives.
  • What is expected of the UK both in the short term and longer-term if it is to be recognised as a climate leader.