Comment on Government response to Climate Change Committee’s 2023 Progress Report - energy and heating

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Commenting on the Government's response published today [1] to the Climate Change Committee's 2023 progress report to parliament, [2] Jess Ralston, Head of Energy at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), said:

"The Government says that it wants to save people money but it completely fails to acknowledge that its own major error in the last renewable energy auction means the £1bn bill saving that cheap offshore wind could have delivered, was squandered. [3]

"It says it’s focussed on bringing bills down, but its U-turn on warm homes for renters will keep their cost of living higher. While household economics look worse, the government’s homework looks economical with the truth.

There are worrying signs that the Government is more committed to profits for oil and gas companies operating in the North Sea than it is to increasing energy security by putting more insulation into people's homes, building renewables and helping households to move away from gas boilers.

The North Sea is running out whatever your policy on it, so unless we build renewables faster and help many more households insulate their roofs and walls, and shift from gas boilers to electric heat pumps, we will have to import more gas from abroad. One positive is that at least the Government has recognised that 100% hydrogen will play a very limited role in heating our homes."

Notes to editors:

  1. Government's response to the Climate Change Committee's progress report, published Thu 25th October:
  2. Climate Change Committee's 2023 progress report, published 28 June:
  3. Billpayers could miss out on £1bn a year in savings due to wind auction error:

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